All Hail QCMS!

June 4, 2009

Sometime in early 2009, it became clear that lcms as a module wasn’t really working out for us, and we needed to write our own color management implementation (mostly) from scratch. Since I was a full-time student at the time, I didn’t have it in me to lead the effort and get things done in time for 3.5. Thankfully, Jeff Muizelaar stepped in and took up the task, resulting in qcms. I’d encourage everyone to go check out his post.

Also, worry not – most of the work I did on lcms (mainly the performance optimizations) are still there in qcms, so things should be as fast as ever, or faster.


4 Responses to “All Hail QCMS!”

  1. James Napolitano said

    Will/have your performance optimizations made it back upstream into (official) lcms?

  2. bholley said

    @James – I don’t think so. The upstream maintainer seemed more interested in working on lcms2 and didn’t seem that interested in the biggest optimizations (like the SSE2 stuff). Some of it might show up in lcms2, but I think the path that I optimized heavily might not be there in lcms2. Ping the maintainer for more info.

  3. RyanVM said

    Why was ICC v4 profile support excluded from qcms?

  4. bholley said

    @RyanVM – talk to jeff?

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